Solar AI

Using analytics and AI to increase efficiency and feasibility of solar power plants

Enabling solar energy companies increase their revenues and win new contracts

Our solution

How does it work

  1. Connecting data from different equipment – inverters, meters, sensors
  2. Connecting data from different equipment vendors – not limited to specific vendor used
  3. Adding data from market, weather solutions and smart grids
  4. Using AI to detect improvement and cost reduction opportunities
For international renewable energy companies

Best suitable for solar energy companies who have several sites at many countries

Tailored solution

Solution that is purposely built for solar energy sector

Win the energy auctions

Thanks to efficiency increase, companies probability to successfully bid at energy auctions and tenders are increased

Secure IT solution

Our IT systems are built in secure cloud services and can be run independently for all customers

Visualization – adjusted for different user groups:

  • Manager view – focusing on general overview and status of all parks together with key performance indicators.
  • Owner view – general status of specific park.
  • Technician view – focusing on technical details (voltages, power, frequencies, alarms, fault codes etc) of specific parks.

Analytics and AI:

  • Business analytics – Production analytics and comparisons (between different parks of the same company vs general market performance), efficiency increase through precise planning of activities and fine-tuning of park configuration, additional solutions to report to insurance companies.
  • Technical analytics – Prevention and early detection of failures, precise fault analysis (enables to select most optimal maintenance moment with right set of equipment), automatic configuration and fine-tuning of production equipment, usage of innovative security and sensor solutions.

The Abucco has been supported within the EIT Digital Venture Program 2020 and has been co-funded by EIT Digital. The EIT Digital Venture Program is an ARISE Europe activity.

Development of Abucco analytics solution is supported by Prototron ( Abucco took part of Prototron 2020 Spring round.